This is a safe space for us to better understand the LGBTQ family experience by reading, writing and sharing letters.

First Glimpse

This is our first glimpse into The Rainbow Letters project; it is with great pleasure that we welcome you in joining us on this exciting journey! 


With your support and courage, we are collecting stories from people with LGBTQ parents via one of the most ancient, authentic, and intimate forms of communication in the world -- written letters. Through this process and with your participation, we are pioneering a new story together during a remarkable time in history. 


Since we launched The Rainbow Letters on October 8, many exciting things have happened:

  • Same-sex marriage has gone from being legal in 25 states, to 32 states
  • We are building partnerships with three organizations we respect and admire: COLAGE, Our Family Coalition, and Family Equality Council
  • We’ve had our first little dose of PR in the form of this article on Feministing, a leading feminist blog 
  • We’ve reached the attention of over 10k people on Facebook
  • We’ve collected over a dozen letters

We’re thrilled with the progress we’re making, AND there is still much to accomplish! 


Our goal is collect to 100 letters by December 31, 2014. The purpose of this goal is to ensure that we begin 2015 with a high level of momentum. 

Our dream is to see this project thrive, grow, and flourish so that we can publish a collection in 2015 as we continue to expand The Rainbow Letters community. And one thing’s for sure: you are the most important ingredient in this project and it is impossible to build this without you!


If you have LGBTQ parent(s)...
By writing and submitting a letter (or many letters!), you will help us make history and create a work of art that we believe the world needs to see. We know that writing can be challenging, especially when the subject is something as sensitive as family, but we’re your #1 fans and we are here to help you. Check out the Tips + Guidelines section on our website for exercises you can do to get started and consider signing up for a letter writing how-to webinar.

Write a letter!

If you do not have LGBTQ parent(s)... 
Your advocacy means the world to us and this project. Almost everyone knows at least someone who does have LGBTQ parent(s) -- please help us spread the word to your friends, families, and communities! You can do this by sending relevant people the link to our website, letting people know what we’re doing via word of mouth, and / or sharing our activity on social media.  

We thank each and every one of you deeply for your courage and support and we can’t wait to see what happens over the next two months.

With Gratitude,

Julia & Zach

Happy new year!

Introducing The Rainbow Letters