This is a safe space for us to better understand the LGBTQ family experience by reading, writing and sharing letters.

Introducing The Rainbow Letters

When I left Texas and arrived in Washington, DC for college back in 2002, I saw two men walking down the street holding hands. My jaw dropped: I had never seen such a thing. And yet I had been partially raised by a gay couple. I can't recall ever seeing my dad and his boyfriend Mitchell touch, despite the love I knew they felt for each other, because even though they were "out," they were still essentially in the closet. 

It's 2014, and times have quickly changed.

Today, it is legal for same-sex couples to marry in 25 out of 50 states. More and more people in the LGBTQ community are being recognized for their rights to raise children and build families. Though it's an arduous road we're on, voices are being heard and we're making tremendous progress! These are unimaginably exciting times we're living in.

But there's an entire group of people who I'm just dying to hear from...

What about the kids? Children and adults alike, there are so many people out there with LGBTQ parents, people who grew up or suddenly found themselves as puzzle(d) pieces in non-normative families, and there are so many words and feelings associated with that experience that have not been revealed to the world.

Today we enthusiastically launch The Rainbow Letters in hopes that it will unveil a symphony of powerful voices. This project has been slowly developing for over ten years; it is a labor of love, reflection, and expression that I hope will be as healing and gratifying for you as it has been for me. 

Let's make our voices heard.

Please spread the word about this project to your friends, families, and communities, so that we can hear as many voices as possible.

I'm so very happy to be on this journey with you, and I can't wait to read what you have to say!

Your Friend & Editor,

Julia Winston

First Glimpse