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Tips & Tricks for Queerspawn

Tips & Tricks for Queerspawn

Dear Fellow "Queerspawn,"

Here are some Tips and Tricks/"Easter Eggs" in the experience of a Queer Spawn.

  1. Playing house? More than one person want to be mom or dad? No worries!
  2. A bunch of same-sex adults in a household with kids definitely seem like co-parents. Examples:
    • Sabrina's aunts in Sabrina the teenage witch (definitely thought they were a couple)
    • The three guys in Full House
    • Burt and Ernie (I know they didn't have kids, but still)
  3.  From a young age, you are likely going to have the opportunity to learn how to be an advocate. It is important to know a few things as this is happening:
    • This is YOUR choice, you do not HAVE to feel responsible to defend your family. That being said...
    • You are likely going to be more aware of other social injustice around you even when it is not directed at your family
    • You are going to feel responsible for standing up for others, especially when they are not there to stand up for themselves.
    • This can be really, really wonderful for your development. Just be sure to know your limits.
  4. Jokes...

For those with 2 moms, you are impervious to "yo mama" jokes. Example"

"Yo mama is so ______..."

Response: "Which one?"

For those of you with 4 dads:

When your teachers and textbooks mention our forefathers they do not intend to imply that everyone has four fathers, but it is cool that you do!


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