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The Unique Kid

The Unique Kid

Dear Moms,

Some of the joys I have experienced over the years with having two or three moms is that I get to go to PTown each year. R is the muffin mom and she got us the family dog, scout. Mama is the sports mom, she helps us practice for our games. Mom is the game mom she plays board games with us. She is also one of the first people I came out to for being “bisexual." R and Mom are also very good cooks.

            I love all my moms. But some of the hardships of having two or three moms is that not everyone accepts having LGBTQ parents, or event just LGBTQ people. But I am glad that the kids at school are accepting, it makes life way easier. In the year of 5th grade people didn’t believe me when I said “I have three moms.” People always said “that’s inpossible, No way” but I always said it is very possable. I started telling people my mom was a lesbian in 5th grade, which was probably easier because more people knew what lesbian or gay is.

            I have 4 siblings, M, S, D and H. You might remember D from her awesome story last year, “Trans people are Lit.” Which I just have to say one more time was “LIT!” Oh, wait I forgot to say I wasn’t always H, M and D’s sister. My mom married my dad and they got divorced. Then our mom told us she was a lesbian, in the summer of 5th grade she told Sylvan and me that we had three moms, and we took off to PTown. Mom is my birth mom by the way, “The moms” recently got divorced, or broke up. Mama and mom stayed together, but I want to put that in the past, as long as the three of them know that I will always love them, I will be ok.

            My family always comforts me and that always makes my life easier, knowing that I am loved and that I can live through anything (like the tough time)

            One thing that my family did that made my life more difficult, is the two divorces hurt my heart. But like I said those are in my past.

            Being a child with an LGBTQ parent affected the way I see the world because PTown is a part of our world and with out my gay mom I would never go to COLAGE, which is PTown.

            Being the child of a LGBTQ parent has “intersected” with my other “Identities”, because I used to be known as the ‘New Girl” now I am known as the “unique kid with a gay mom”.

Dedicated to:

My lovely family

H, D, S, M, R, Mama and the one who made my life happen MOM

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