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Change the Form!

Change the Form!

To schools, administrations, organizations, and companies that require the signature of a ‘Mother’ and a ‘Father’,

Screw that.

Do you have any idea how many times I had to cross out ‘Father’ and write ‘Mother’ underneath so that both my moms could sign a form? Do you know what it feels like to be forced to list one of my moms in the ‘Father’ section of an online form, because I was required to have both a male and female parent?  

Parent/Guardian #1 identifies as female. 

Parent/Guardian #2 identifies as female.

Stop constricting my family, and millions of others into one single conception of what makes a family. Children are raised in diverse and complex family units with parents of many different numbers and relationships.  

We refuse to be limited. We refuse to lie to you to make you feel better.

Change the form.

Update the language.

Validate and recognize that the flavors of parents is forever changing and growing.

Deal with it.  


One fed up daughter of a complex family.

Bound By Something Greater

Bound By Something Greater

Dear Religious Freedom

Dear Religious Freedom